Joel Embiid Drops Playoff CAREER-HIGH 40 PTS! 🔥
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  • blaze king
    blaze king

    if he will just put his mind into it, night in and night out he will be one of the great big men.

  • Math Simon
    Math Simon

    Atlanta is too fackng little for Embiid.

  • Golden states warriors bandwagon Destroyer
    Golden states warriors bandwagon Destroyer

    My MVP not that fat dude in DENVER

  • Bose Gaurav
    Bose Gaurav

    The woozy bill ironically attack because violin hypothetically crawl amid a adamant attempt. drab, itchy fold

  • Octa-_-Amorim2k

    Embiid is very trash

  • Jeyron Vijayakumar
    Jeyron Vijayakumar

    Damn all I hear is string music

  • -Kierra Mist-
    -Kierra Mist-

    Embiid The best player next to Lebron

  • HalleluaDanceTroupe

    Embid’s mid range would be so tough to defend!

  • ryno6040

    He’s giving Capela’s ass some humble pie.

  • Eriverto Gonsalez
    Eriverto Gonsalez

    Joel embid is very focus in the playoffs now , he gets better every year and if he keeps playing like this he ganna win a chip for Philly.

  • Rowen Corpuz
    Rowen Corpuz


  • jerome dragun
    jerome dragun

    That first stuff was an offensive foul. Knicks fan, I have no dog in this fight. Actually it was pretty flagrant throwing that elbow.

  • Thurl Sixers Fan
    Thurl Sixers Fan

    Best post player in the league by far…

    • H 17
      H 17

      And it's not even close

  • Thurl Sixers Fan
    Thurl Sixers Fan

    The real mvp💯🔥

    • Igor Jovovic
      Igor Jovovic


  • Shemzinho

    On a torn meniscus.. crazy

  • ジョニーイングリッシュ

    Hope he will NEVER win a ring

    • H 17
      H 17

      "Hope" all you want

    • H 17
      H 17

      Too bad your "hope" doesn't matter that's why no one new you existed b4 this comment so it's all good

  • Aedriel Stephen Merelos
    Aedriel Stephen Merelos

    my favorite center the one that still has the post up every game like the old centers but he has three and jumpers as well as fadeaway and can dunk the fuck out of everyone i hope he stays healthy

  • Ostrich Wayne
    Ostrich Wayne

    Embiid can do it all he's a real Talented Player.....

  • misslovechild22

    Go Joel!!!!!! That was amazing

  • Lucas Kelly
    Lucas Kelly

    it’s ight we’ll see y’all in the A

    • Jeboris Dequavis
      Jeboris Dequavis

      Sixers in 5

  • Angelo Martinez
    Angelo Martinez

    With a TORN MENISCUS 🙌🔥

  • Dmitry Volcov
    Dmitry Volcov

    An amazing talent. Philly in 6.

  • D Wnright
    D Wnright

    He was a bull all game long. wow!

  • Christian Opena
    Christian Opena

    Standing ovation on NIKOLA JOKIC with MVP TITLE

    • H 17
      H 17


  • Thomas B
    Thomas B

    Joel’s jumper is so pure now

  • Florent Stuart Ketchami Tchouleng
    Florent Stuart Ketchami Tchouleng

    True MVP

    • Dalibor

      With 1 vote? 🤣 Joel is a fantastic player but Nikola Jokic is just too good

    • Igor Jovovic
      Igor Jovovic


  • Jayr

    Embid doing Kobe movesss!!! Kobe is his reason to ball. He posted that, agree?

  • SuperNASCARrocks

    40 flaming hot pieces of barbecue chicken from Embiid.

  • GaminWit TYXXX
    GaminWit TYXXX

    Ben Simmons with a whopping 4 point 7 assist showing. Amazing😂😂😂😂

    • Dylan Adofo
      Dylan Adofo

      @GaminWit TYXXX So dumbass there is a reason why people say stats arent everything. Carmelo has less threes more attempted threes and worse shooting% than lebron, yet we all know damn well that melo is a better 3 point shooter than lebron. Look at his defensive rating, then look at his field percentage, on and offs, and his rebonds and assits. This should get u to stfu

    • justice4germans

      cos he let Embiid have the ball instead, sixers always do better when Ben facilitates instead of scores

    • GaminWit TYXXX
      GaminWit TYXXX

      @saucedo yup a casual 4 points. He’s not a superstar he’s not a star. He just a body on the floor. He get too overhyped. He cant score for shhhhhhhhh.

    • saucedo

      slowed down trae and got the W, casual.

  • Arief Naufal
    Arief Naufal

    Cant wait to see him cry lol

  • JJ Edwards
    JJ Edwards

    I’ve said it before but he’s getting to the point where his mid range is becoming as automatic as prime LA. His 3 has improved a lot since his rookie year as well.

  • BullShitThat

    Hawks in 6!

    • Dylan Adofo
      Dylan Adofo

      buddy with all do respect idk if youve noticed, but until yall stop playing fast paced basketball, and stop settling for anything helps at all? shots WHEN YALL CLEARLY NEED A 3 TO GET SUM TYPE OF SHIT GOIN, yall arent going to do shit. We have a finalist for Dpoy, a player 2nd in Mvp, one of the best coaches, solid role players, and well a curry! Yall have trigga trae who i cant lie is pretty good, kevin huerter galinari and bodgan are nice to but thats it! No other player has been able to stop embiid so nothin is gonna happen, thats reality. I didnt add Capela and John collins because well, they cant Fucking stop Embiid

  • Alex18

    What a performance by embiid

  • E N
    E N

    Unstoppable in the post!

  • Ano nimo
    Ano nimo

    If embid wasnt injured this season, he and jokic would have ranked really close on becoming mvp this season.

    • H 17
      H 17

      Wudv won easily

    • Vodou Myers
      Vodou Myers

      And Embiid would've won if he didn't get injured at all

  • Nick 21
    Nick 21

    Fun fact: Andrew Wiggins and Jabari Parker were picked in the 2014 draft before MVP Nikola Jokic and MVP finalist Joel Embiid!

    • John napuli
      John napuli

      capela is too small for embiid 🤣😂 karma is real .. he didn't respect for drose thats why he bullied this game

    • John napuli
      John napuli

      Andrew wiggins is a role player .. sad to say .. he did not develop into allstar as a 5 star recruit .. congrats to embiid and jokic .. also for lavigne and randle .. they also develop into allstar.. special mention to JC the sixth man of the year ...

    • BigBadB-Rad 2003
      BigBadB-Rad 2003

      @Thurl Sixers Fan oh yeah for sure

    • Thurl Sixers Fan
      Thurl Sixers Fan

      @BigBadB-Rad 2003 was still a amazing prospect tho

    • BigBadB-Rad 2003
      BigBadB-Rad 2003

      @alexander francis paned Embiid had injury problems before the draft

  • Mrbeast Gaming.
    Mrbeast Gaming.


    • Beede Bawng
      Beede Bawng

      Thank you. I hope the same for you.

  • LCLWiLL aka EPID3MiC
    LCLWiLL aka EPID3MiC

    Humbling the Hawks with a torn meniscus is crazy

  • magic 1
    magic 1

    And that’s how a mvp candidate who didn’t win mvp says congrats

  • DᴇGᴏᴀᴛ DᴇRᴏᴢᴀɴ ➐
    DᴇGᴏᴀᴛ DᴇRᴏᴢᴀɴ ➐

    Joel Embiid: 40pts, 13reb. 2ast, 2stl 52%Fg 13-25

    • scimitar

      Yo go back to your old pfp

  • Ryan Messina
    Ryan Messina

    Jokic: Wins MVP Embiid: And that’s when it all changed for me

    • Vodou Myers
      Vodou Myers

      Embiid bouta go off in future games now

  • Philly Jackson
    Philly Jackson

    Now you want to talk bout a *true* MVP, dropping 40 and 13.

    • -Kierra Mist-
      -Kierra Mist-

      Curry was robbed

    • Ali Munawar
      Ali Munawar

      @D.J MAMBA lmao yeah vs washington a team that's not so good

    • Sai Rithvik
      Sai Rithvik

      @D.J MAMBA I am so sorry but the people who decide the mvp are fixed that it will be jokic

    • Dylan Adofo
      Dylan Adofo

      @Stefan Ra ik it sucks. When your 280 pounds and move like a point gaurd, constantly using your strength for either a shot or free throw, it puts your body out there, accidents happen and inrjuries come and go

    • Stefan Ra
      Stefan Ra

      2 games dominating 5 games recovering cause he can't stay healthy for shit

  • Emmanuel Mbah
    Emmanuel Mbah

    Embiid was just feasting on the Hawks. Hawks don't have anyone who can even slow him down.

    • I cant understand your accent
      I cant understand your accent

      @Golden states warriors bandwagon Destroyer u missed the joke

    • Golden states warriors bandwagon Destroyer
      Golden states warriors bandwagon Destroyer

      @Obvious Troll That Baited You boy if you dont… 😂 capella can’t guard this dude

    • GOOB

      @H 17 check his name

    • H 17
      H 17

      Jesus if I were capella i wud retire

    • H 17
      H 17

      @Obvious Troll That Baited You on one leg too 💀

  • ols _31
    ols _31

    embiid is literally the heart of philly. we going far, don't underestimate us!

    • grave digger
      grave digger

      @Gamingwithlanz you just got baited by an obvious troll read his name

    • bobby smurda
      bobby smurda

      Nets will destroy emflop

    • Gamingwithlanz

      @Obvious Troll That Baited You Nets cant even beat the Sixers 😂😂

    • Jake You
      Jake You

      Yoo ben simmons be pissing me off

    • MasonSucksAtYouTube

      @Obvious Troll That Baited You definitely not in 4, in 6 probably

  • Basketball Kids03
    Basketball Kids03

    How do you stop him?

  • 🧠

    "Nikola Jokić is currently the MVP" Joel Embiid: And so I took that personally

  • LeBron James
    LeBron James

    Jokic: Wins MVP Embiid: “And I took it personally”

    • Gary A
      Gary A

      I remember 2 of the best players EVER saying them exact words, MJ AND KOBE I remember thinking the same way playing sports. Kill or be killed. Some can turn it on mentally and some JUS can't. Even AI proved that

    • Sai Rithvik
      Sai Rithvik

      @Nick 21 wtf hell no LeBron also cried

    • Sai Rithvik
      Sai Rithvik

      @MasonSucksAtITmores because of your fans like the chanted f**k to Russel like that's messed up

    • Morale

    • Jade Haughton
      Jade Haughton

  • Leo the Legend
    Leo the Legend

    mans going off 🔥

  • Stephen Curry
    Stephen Curry

    *Embiid:* So you think he's the MVP? Okay, fine. I'm not saying he wasn't deserving of it. But it lit a fire in me.

  • Obvious Troll That Baited You
    Obvious Troll That Baited You

    Jokic is better

    • H 17
      H 17

      On what planet

    • Florent Stuart Ketchami Tchouleng
      Florent Stuart Ketchami Tchouleng

      Embiid is a better scorer defender and more dominant than jokic

    • Zabari Duwab
      Zabari Duwab

      Yeah right

  • Andrew Plays
    Andrew Plays

    Embiid took mvp personally

    • H 17
      H 17

      @Obvious Troll That Baited You 💀💀

    • Andrew Plays
      Andrew Plays

      That is true

    • Obvious Troll That Baited You
      Obvious Troll That Baited You

      Jokic is way better

    • The Most Questionable Troll
      The Most Questionable Troll

      How? Not like he can get it back 😹

  • Andrew A
    Andrew A


    • Andre Rocha
      Andre Rocha


    • RTNANDEZ96

      You mean Embiid > Jokic

    • The Most Questionable Troll
      The Most Questionable Troll

      EmCheeks owns LeCancun

  • simmonshours

    the REAL mvp

    • Igor Jovovic
      Igor Jovovic

      Jokic played 20 games more than Embid. They are the same in rebounds and points, while Jokic is much better in assists. There was simply no doubt that Jokic would be the mvp just because he played all the games.

    • Vodou Myers
      Vodou Myers


    • Jake You
      Jake You

      @Florent Stuart Ketchami Tchouleng and embiid should be better he was drafted in the 1st round jokic was a steal for the nuggets

    • Jake You
      Jake You

      @Florent Stuart Ketchami Tchouleng jokic is a playmaker and can do everything but yeah embiid a beast like i said they both are great

    • Florent Stuart Ketchami Tchouleng
      Florent Stuart Ketchami Tchouleng

      @Jake You embiid is a better scorer defender and more dominant than jokic first in the east and top 5 in defense

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