NBA Top 5 Plays Of The Night | June 8, 2021
Check out the top-5 plays of the night from today's action!

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  • Renan Yoanen
    Renan Yoanen

    Cadê o block do Golbert em primeiro caramba!!!!! Deslike

  • Ker Loz
    Ker Loz

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  • corentin grisez
    corentin grisez

    Wtf where is the rudy's block ?

  • Chris Taggart
    Chris Taggart

    Rudy’s block? Hello? This man spent more time rhyming than watching the games

  • Kali

    Dafuq is this BS?!😳 Surely Rudy should've been number 1. I bet the NBA will announce Ben Simmons is DPOY next 🙄

  • ismokewax

    I respect Capella at #1 to dunk over embiid!!!!! But gobert block was pretty and should have been on here somewhere.

  • Rhuiz P.
    Rhuiz P.

    Gobert shouldve been number 1 play. Just like the other day when Tory Craig's ally oop didnt make top 5. These editors be slackin and theres only 2 games to cover

  • Popoy TheGreatOne
    Popoy TheGreatOne

    disliked. rudy #1

  • Kent Allen
    Kent Allen

    I wonder why they call it the top plays of the night when they don't use the best highlights from the night

  • Laura Márquez
    Laura Márquez

    Normalmente los comentarios son ignorados, pero les deseo que Dios guarde a cada una de nuestras familias de toda esta pandemia que nos tiene acechados..

  • Interpreter

    lol no Gobert block? garbage.

  • Julie Johnson
    Julie Johnson

    Love you all Come to me

  • TheStepChild 19
    TheStepChild 19

    So no Rudy Gobert game winning block pop If LeBron had a game winning block we’d be seeing/hearing about this for the next couple years!!!!

  • bryce jones
    bryce jones

    gobert had a game winning block…

  • B mac
    B mac

    D Mitch dropping his jersey number on folks 45 pts damn ok Spida!!

  • BR_Zextross

    Wtf where is Gobert ?

  • SRIL Art
    SRIL Art

    this list is trash

  • Brian D
    Brian D

    Just to join the masses, how do you not include the biggest block of the season?

  • andrew renthlei
    andrew renthlei

    Where's gorbert game winning block?

  • Mattis M
    Mattis M

    Y'all really hating on Rudy Gobert smh

  • Steve Yorgason
    Steve Yorgason

    a little confused why a game winning play does not make the cut at all. Gobert blocked Morris clean and got the win. Yes Snyder should have called for an intentional foul in the last 8 seconds, but this time the Stifle Tower worked

  • Ken Vallejos
    Ken Vallejos

    LMAO a game winning block by Rudy isn't number 1, Doesn't crack the top 5. Y'all are making this shit too obvious. 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  • Brandon Gallegos
    Brandon Gallegos

    Wow no Rudy

  • Tom Baxendale
    Tom Baxendale

    Look, I love Jazz slander as much as the next guy, but why is Gobert’s block not the top play? Come on now

  • Kam Gree
    Kam Gree

    Where is goberts block lol

  • SLC Bill
    SLC Bill

    How are you going to leave out the x3 DPOY's game winning block?? By far the best highlight of the night. Disrespectful and churlish

  • Spencer Hedrick
    Spencer Hedrick

    How could you possibly not include Gobert's game winning shot block? Embarrassing.

  • Luis Fernando De Farias
    Luis Fernando De Farias

    Rudy Goberttttt? Are you crazy? It's hypocrisy

  • GoodShipZion

    No Gobert block?

  • Eddy Loki
    Eddy Loki

    Cmon you can do better, maybe a top 10

  • Zachary Bancroft
    Zachary Bancroft

    Utah had way more exciting and crazy plays than the ones highline here like Bogdpnavics steal into a three or Mitchell's crazy pass as the ball was flying out, or of course goberts game winning block. Lkke why did they pick just some normal plays to highlight?

  • Portgas D Arthur
    Portgas D Arthur

    You guys should separate the top 5 plays and the top 5 dunks


    srsly. whrs roooddeee?

  • fliptopstory

    LMAO. Game winning block not featured? These lists are a joke

  • Pheng Moua
    Pheng Moua

    No Gobert report?!!!

  • Mario & Luigi
    Mario & Luigi

    Top plays only shows Gobert getting dunked love when he actually makes a game saving block 🤔🤷‍♂️

  • Chris Robinson
    Chris Robinson

    You know they got the list wrong when more people are talking about Rudy's block instead of GOATmentator

  • J Simmons
    J Simmons

    When did it become a top 5 play to go thru the chest of a defender that has established postition? That being said, Capella is garbage outside of lobs, EMbiid should be averaging 40 a nite on this guy.

  • Alan Barker
    Alan Barker

    Embiid push dunk on Capella and Cappella alley up dunk in Embid is cool

  • CT 7
    CT 7

    Yeah these are pretty fair but gobert’s block deserves top 3 for suree

  • WITH*ONE 12
    WITH*ONE 12

    It's unbelievable how Gobert's block isn't even on the list

  • Kyle Brown
    Kyle Brown

    Your narrator sucks


    Embiid won the game though WTF

  • ahmed butawan
    ahmed butawan


  • Donovan Edwards
    Donovan Edwards

    Traes deep three and the game saving block are not on there?

  • Lion2Star

    The block isn't here but the 🐐mentator is so I'm happy

  • johnny wick
    johnny wick

    Were is the block of rudy....

  • Jordan Golden
    Jordan Golden

    how did a game winning block in the playoffs not make the top 5

  • Major Charger
    Major Charger


  • the last
    the last

    gobert's game saving block should be the number 1.. I wonder how they pick the daily top play.

  • Arthur Farquharson Jr
    Arthur Farquharson Jr

    "Milton tilting the game"... Bars!

  • Austin Eunice
    Austin Eunice

    so lazy every time there is a game on past 10 there is one play, maybe 2 plays from that game. how did they not include the gobert block

  • PsyQo Somas
    PsyQo Somas

    LMFAO where's Gobert game winning block ????? You guys are crazy

  • Cristian Dimitricoff
    Cristian Dimitricoff

    Gobert's block, Bogdanivic's steal and three pointer and at least another three more Utah plays were worth more than what they posted.

  • Okju Deux-Neuf
    Okju Deux-Neuf

    Rudy ?

  • Chuck Magno
    Chuck Magno

    Dunking is so overrated and defensive play is underrated. Where’s the game winning block of Rudy?

  • Emson Vergado
    Emson Vergado

    Where's Gobert game saving block?haha

  • Charles Johnson
    Charles Johnson


  • Anaklusmos

    Milton's tiltin' the action, for goodness Shake! 🔥🔥🔥

  • Owel Puntil
    Owel Puntil


  • Vladyslav Kurbatskyy
    Vladyslav Kurbatskyy


  • Jarvat

    I want my "2 hands for safety"!.....not

  • Hamad Rashid
    Hamad Rashid

    Wtf Rudy block is not in the top 5

  • FATTED 300
    FATTED 300

    Great commentator! But Top “10” is necessary. Missing too many quality plays. Game-saving block🧐

  • FATTED 300
    FATTED 300

    For goodness Shake!

  • FATTED 300
    FATTED 300

    Top 10 please

  • Guillaume Dexter Prod
    Guillaume Dexter Prod

    Rudy's Block ??????????

  • Adrian Lazaro
    Adrian Lazaro

    Funtuwatch Taunting

  • law leyt
    law leyt

    Rudy Gobert 🤡

  • Augusto Sebastian Garcia
    Augusto Sebastian Garcia

    Lol I thought Rudy's block is the no.1 😂

  • Ronnel Quino
    Ronnel Quino

    GOATMENTATOR is the best🔥

  • 💯.

    Wheres rudy goberts block?????? Huh??? This video dorsnt make sense.

  • caden fowler
    caden fowler

    I'm convinced they didn't watch the rest of the jazz game to include the block

    • Sabien Prissette
      Sabien Prissette

      Yeah, this can be the only reason. They just did it before the end of game.

  • Ádám Holler
    Ádám Holler

    Ya, like everybody, where the hell is Rudy's game winning block?

  • Ádám Holler
    Ádám Holler

    The GOATmenntator 😎

  • Michael Pearson
    Michael Pearson

    Again, the dunks are overrated. Gobert's block and Mitchell's drive past 4 defenders both better than the 2 from that game here

  • Gustavo Gaviría
    Gustavo Gaviría


  • SuperGear360

    Wheres the Gobert block?

  • Lj Can
    Lj Can

    The RG clutch block should be there

  • Josh Galuego
    Josh Galuego

    WTF! Who made this list? 😠

  • Tonya Phillips
    Tonya Phillips

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  • Marc aracil
    Marc aracil

    WTF no Rudy Gobert? 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 Ia not april fools day nba 😱🤬

  • Bisaya Style
    Bisaya Style

    Fuck all of u! Gobert's block that sealed the Jazz win should've been number 1! Bunch of bias shitheads!

  • S. Jo
    S. Jo

    look at the space between Joel's arm and body. That is "FOUL"

  • Joshua Wang
    Joshua Wang

    No Robert block ???? How ?

  • Nursadeen Kaddalan
    Nursadeen Kaddalan

    they just hate Rudy that much .😓

  • ACDCxFJx23


  • ulysse belkhir
    ulysse belkhir

    And the Rudy's block?????????????

  • Bowno Hiuson
    Bowno Hiuson

    Where is the iconic Gobert block?? You nba propaganda!!!

  • Clash W/ Ervine
    Clash W/ Ervine


  • Chukwuma Ahuchogu
    Chukwuma Ahuchogu

    Rudy should be number 1 play. The level of disrespect the jazz get is unbelievable.

  • Albert Solylo
    Albert Solylo



    its ridiculous that Gobert's clutch block ain't even crack the damn list! y'all should fire the person compiling these plays

  • Pelvis Wrestley
    Pelvis Wrestley

    Embiid is definitely the referees' best girl since Harden. He stiffed Clint like it was the UFC or something.

    • Verily Verily
      Verily Verily

      And he travelled 🧳


    Are you fooken kiddin meh? Where's mei boy Gobert's weinneng bloock?

  • nathan_lct

    c'est quoi cette merde il est où le block de Gobert ??!

  • Ekisan sa Etivac
    Ekisan sa Etivac

    Gobert should be #1

  • coopaing

    Number 1 and number 4 were back-to-back plays. I looked at something else for a few seconds and missed the live version of number 1 unfortunately :'(

  • pedro Production nz
    pedro Production nz

    The man who selected the sh***t not even one play from Utah ,where’s gobert block ,where Mitchell play. Ain’t sh*****t

  • Jeric Nichole Aviguetero
    Jeric Nichole Aviguetero

    Gobert's block is the main highlight no doubt

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