Rudy Gobert Surprised by Jazz for Winning DPOY! 🏆 |

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  • Wussup_Im_Garbage

    That’s my boy Rudy

  • Juan Juarez
    Juan Juarez

    Good job gobert!!! Tho I didn’t have you as my dpoy winner it’s very well deserved

  • Los Angeles lakers
    Los Angeles lakers

    Congratulations ☺

  • kan hulk
    kan hulk

    Simmons deserves it

  • World of cyrille
    World of cyrille

    GG Rudy

  • Spider Man
    Spider Man

    Ben Simmons should have won

  • Cristiano Santos Antunes De Jesus
    Cristiano Santos Antunes De Jesus

    Lega foto

  • Hydro Hoops
    Hydro Hoops

    One more and he will be the 3rd NBA Player off all time to win 4 DPOYs

  • Seymour LOVE
    Seymour LOVE

    Some one else win

  • 32 miracle_real_estate_agency
    32 miracle_real_estate_agency

    He deserves it so far❗️ I'm proud of him as a former Utah resident and I think even Mark Eaton is proud of him😁

  • Avengers TV
    Avengers TV

    Joe Ingles should be teammate of the year

  • Pedro el Blero Le Caillou
    Pedro el Blero Le Caillou

    Rudy Goat-bert !!!!

  • Randolph Paniagua
    Randolph Paniagua

    Simmons is more deserving than rudy. He can stop anyone even his own freethrow🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Randolph Paniagua
      Randolph Paniagua

      @Crepeeboi cant you understand? My comment? Id just trolling ben simmons. Im a jazz fan. And i watched all jazz game from the 1st day of the season and playoffs.😁😁😁

    • Crepeeboi

      You obviously haven’t watched a jazz game did you see him shut down Morris?

  • Yung Mario
    Yung Mario

    Gobert deserved this rightfully All the people who think he doesn’t deserve it yall are dumb

  • Sebseb SGH
    Sebseb SGH

    C’est mérité...😉 Continue comme ça Rudy t’es une machine 👍

  • Eriverto Gonsalez
    Eriverto Gonsalez

    He proved it well deserved.

  • Joel

    Ngl I kinda gotta give him my respect tho 3 DPOY even lockdown the league too 😂😂😂😂

  • Christophe Dussart
    Christophe Dussart

    Félicitations à notre Rudy national 🎊🎉💪

  • perfectum Sxzailbe
    perfectum Sxzailbe

    I know this family is solid from the start🖤 keep lovin’ it y’all

  • wouter goris
    wouter goris

    What a joke

  • Charles Lalawigan
    Charles Lalawigan

    No one: Jazz: *YEEEEEEEE*

  • Born Blessed
    Born Blessed

    Ben Simmons scored 40 points on Rudy and we all know how offensively depleted Ben Simmons is

  • Gang time
    Gang time

    couple more 3 more so 6 dpoys

  • Gang time
    Gang time

    Derrick Favours could been a. star defensive star and low post threat in 2014 maybe all defense and all star

  • Dee Jayy
    Dee Jayy

    Wasn’t he the one that spread COV… nvm.

  • Franz LoCco
    Franz LoCco

    They blamed Rudy for the NBA shutdown but not the staffs who set up the Covid infected mics for him.

    • Dee Jayy
      Dee Jayy

      We all saw what he did… just stop.

  • Colin White
    Colin White

    How did he win it over Ben Simmons lol

    • rathors7

      Because Gobert is a more impactful defender

    • kip hodson
      kip hodson

      Because he’s the better player

    • Jason Hansen
      Jason Hansen

      Because Ben Simmons is trash

  • Bean juice66 6
    Bean juice66 6

    Simmons got robbed

  • Froman

    Very wholesome moment💯

  • Roodtube

    Drop his defensive stats ⬇️

  • Hekima Martina
    Hekima Martina

    Giannis and Gobert has been making history since 2018 2019 2020 glad we got them in the league even tho Gobert has more dpoty trophies but I don’t understand how they been getting hated on

  • Chris Deatras
    Chris Deatras

    "Couldn't have done it without you guys." "We know." JINGLES GONNA JINGLES

    • Lloyd Arsen Balbas
      Lloyd Arsen Balbas

      Always talking smack - teammates or opponents. 😂🤣

  • Ryan Messina
    Ryan Messina

    Simmons got snubbed. He dropped 42 on the person who locked down the season last year. And Simmons can guard every position. Change it up for once…… 🙄

    • rathors7

      And Simmons let Clarkson drop 40 on himself that same game too, not to mention the 76ers still lost that game in double digits.

    • kip hodson
      kip hodson

      Your just salty because Simmons can’t guard the rim

  • Jbortega

    He say 3rd???

  • LCLWiLL aka EPID3MiC
    LCLWiLL aka EPID3MiC

    He shut down alot of players in the league this year.. & literally shut down the entire league last year

  • o m m a r . r r
    o m m a r . r r

    He looks so nice 2

  • IKnowDubs

    Theses comments are so toxic😂

  • Randy H.
    Randy H.

    Dikembe Mutombo 4-Time DPOY Ben Wallace 4-Time DPOY Dwight Howard 3-Time DPOY Rudy Gobert 3-Time DPOY 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • rathors7

      @BeeGee Bad You are comparing a team award to an individual award, doesn't work that way bud

    • Carnage Assassin
      Carnage Assassin

      @BeeGee Bad I think he means why u talking about rings when these guys were talking about defense

    • BeeGee Bad
      BeeGee Bad

      @Alexis Hernandez If you're confused, then you just a casual fan who dont know shit

    • Alexis Hernandez
      Alexis Hernandez

      @BeeGee Bad bro what conversation r u in 😂

    • BeeGee Bad
      BeeGee Bad

      Robert horry won many Championship Titles, doesnt mean he is at par with MJ or Kobe

  • You Liked Your Own Comment
    You Liked Your Own Comment

    They should all celebrate by coughing on him

    • Dee Jayy
      Dee Jayy

      Chill lmao

  • Amar M
    Amar M

    ben lowkey shoulda won

    • Vodou Myers
      Vodou Myers



    Congratulations sir Rudy gobert enjoy and god bless ,, from mandaluyong city philippines 🙏🙏🙏🥰🥰

  • Don Juan De Marco
    Don Juan De Marco

    Best defensive statistical season in NBA history...nuff said... very well deserved...

  • IzZo


  • Nate Cook
    Nate Cook

    Draymond green deserved this

  • Auburn Mann
    Auburn Mann

    2013 class is not as bad as people thought

  • No Lies Allowed
    No Lies Allowed

    Nah...DEFINITELY...NOT...They ROBBED Bam but OK...#GiveMeJESUS

  • Why Lie
    Why Lie

    All the slander from these mid tier analysis. Let's hear Stephen Jackson say he ain't worth his contract now.

  • Mr.WiltGaming

    people thought Mitchell and Gobert would have a bad relationship due to Gobert and that whole corona incident and the Jazz would struggle but now their the 1st prolly imo getting out the West and Gobert won DPOY, Clarkson won 6MOY Ingles was the runner up and Mitchell continues to prove why he is legit and will be top 5 player in the league and the cherry on top they statistically are the greatest three point shooting team ever if Im not mistaken and overall what a great season its been for the Utah Jazz

    • oh yeaaa
      oh yeaaa

      will be a top 5 player ??? he wont be a top 5 player his whole carrer bro

  • DeTAIL

    Salute to Gobert! Well deserved. 🖖🏾

  • Paulie Kell
    Paulie Kell

    Rudy Gobert is insane! He can literally shutdown anything like the whole entire NBA!

  • Warrior Kidz
    Warrior Kidz

    Ben Simmons should have won it easily he can guard every position and Rudy Gobert can only guard the center position 🤦‍♂️

    • Peter Van Buskirk
      Peter Van Buskirk

      You don't watch a lot of Jazz games do you?

    • jojet paredes
      jojet paredes

      @Semi Depressed Celtics Fan yup, Morris was hitting it from that same spot a few times when the Clippers made their run. It's also worth noting that Gobert played with 5 fouls already in the 4th Q but he did well enough to stay in the game to make the game saving block.

    • Semi Depressed Celtics Fan
      Semi Depressed Celtics Fan

      @jojet paredes fax and it was on Morris who is one of the most efficient players this season from three so he very well could’ve hit it

    • jojet paredes
      jojet paredes

      @Semi Depressed Celtics Fan the timing of the award is perfect after he just saved the Jazz from going to OT in game 1...

    • Andrew Jensen
      Andrew Jensen

      @Semi Depressed Celtics Fan fax

  • Bender B Rodriguez
    Bender B Rodriguez

    I mean he blocked the whole league and live audience for a while, of course he deserves it 😂😂😂😂

  • Omar Kotondi
    Omar Kotondi

    Hey hey Frenchey! Bonjour mthrfckr! - Chris Tucker

  • Justin Hunter
    Justin Hunter

    Overrated but congrats

  • 1 3
    1 3

    Why y'all hating on gobert?

  • カイリーは最強の2番手、ハーデンとKDをばちこり支える


  • mooch

    so ure telling me Jazz had a DPOY and 6MOY and if Mitchel ddnt get injured, he couldve been the MVP?

    • Lloyd Arsen Balbas
      Lloyd Arsen Balbas

      I think with the way the Jazz system is being played, especially in the regular season - lots of passes, lots of players with opportunities to score, not a lot of hero ball - it may be difficult for Spida to win an MVP. For the Jazz, it's the system that really brought out the best in its players.

    • So you see
      So you see

      Mitchell is the black and shorter luka with better athletism that people kept saying is worse than devin booker

    • Jairus Jara
      Jairus Jara

      @Brian Herrera lol bro he put a question mark, hes not saying that mitchell is mvp, hes saying that he had potential.

    • Brian Herrera
      Brian Herrera

      MITCHELL WOULD MOT HAVE WON MVP. you stretching it buddy

    • Jairus Jara
      Jairus Jara

      @ONE TRUE PIRATE KING yessiruuuurr

  • Alabi Daniel
    Alabi Daniel

    He deserves that shit, the only player in NBA history to put the entire team on lockdown. Shaq's gonna be real salty.

    • Hakrisht

      @Joe u dumb did u watch the game tonight? Clippers couldn't drive for shit he had the whole team locked down, defo deserves this award.

    • Joe

      @Ferdy Say what you want at the end of the day the jazz cannot win a championship and part of that is because of rudy

    • Ferdy

      @Joe No. 1 in total rebounds (960) No. 1 in defensive rebounds (720) No. 1 in blocks (190) No. 1 in defensive win shares (5.2) No. 1 in defensive rating (100.6) No. 1 in plus minus (+728) No. 3 in real plus/minus Numbers don't lie, he has excellent recovery for his size and when he's there the opposite is scared to drive just cause his presence. Best defensive player of this era.

    • Joe

      @Ferdy you cant say you are a lockdown defender when you let ben drop 42 on you. Rudy cannot defend any position other than the center. that's why he doesn't deserve this award in my people's eyes including my own

    • Ferdy

      @Joe Was 3-9 when guarded by Gobert in that game.

  • Sporty_ Barrel
    Sporty_ Barrel

    The trophy gives me the walking dead vibes.

  • GlenSanity

    2 in a row for Utah💪 Jc 6th MOTY and Rudy Defensive POTY💪💪

    • Burco Presents
      Burco Presents

      Exactly why they’re such a great team. They have an amazing 1st option like DMitch, they have 2 6MOTY on their team, they have the best post defender in the league rn, and have a lot of good scorers. Honestly they’re kinda similar to the Nets, only that they play better defense and don’t have 2 MVPs lmao.

    • Badong Bads
      Badong Bads

      Almost Coach of the year

    • kshitij bhatt 11 science
      kshitij bhatt 11 science

      3 dude 3 dpoys this dude defense is elite

  • Kareem D Hornet
    Kareem D Hornet


  • BeeGee Bad
    BeeGee Bad

    His defense is so great, he temporarily stopped the whole 2019-2020 season

    • Lightoryx

      @Gary Pelux You must be fun at parties gary.

    • Mohandas Karamchand Mahatma Gandhi
      Mohandas Karamchand Mahatma Gandhi

      @Gary Pelux Gary can you read my son?

    • Dimas Nugraha
      Dimas Nugraha

      @Gary Pelux gary have you read the bible

    • Rory Galasso
      Rory Galasso

      @Gary Pelux wtf Gary, it’s hilarious

    • Swagg1000

      @Gary Pelux stfu gary

  • Rowan Linscott 2024
    Rowan Linscott 2024

    I love joe ingles’ accent 😂

    • Filmingo

      Yah dude

    • dab savage
      dab savage

      It’s okay

    • Karl Beast
      Karl Beast

      Paul George's father

    • Mael Abapo
      Mael Abapo

      aussie accent

  • Jason Chavez
    Jason Chavez

    Young boy did it first

  • Bose Gaurav
    Bose Gaurav

    The ethereal july tellingly bow because calculus philosophically balance versus a known shake. womanly, auspicious man

    • Gaulin Didier
      Gaulin Didier

      Is that supposed to be a Chomsky sentence or you're just high as fuck?

  • Mario

    rudy gobert is such a humble dude

    • datboielijah123

      @GucciOnly stfu flippers fan

    • 1 3
      1 3

      @GucciOnly Bruh he wasn't the only one

    • GucciOnly

      He wasn’t humble when he was trying to spread corona

  • D


  • Yahya Ahmed
    Yahya Ahmed

    Well deserved

  • TheAnthonyMoore

    From getting the NBA shut down to defensive player of the year wow 😂😂😂

    • Franz LoCco
      Franz LoCco

      Bruh it was the staffs who gave him covid infected Mics.

    • Undefeated Like The Internet‼️
      Undefeated Like The Internet‼️

      @JJ Walker Lebron should've been MVP, DPOY, MIP, ROTY, and FMVP....he got snubbed.

    • Outcast Vero
      Outcast Vero

      @JJ Walker lmao

    • Tostito Master
      Tostito Master

      @JJ Walker lmao r u serious XD

    • Deon Ambrose
      Deon Ambrose


  • Jjay Roxas
    Jjay Roxas

    Best defensive player in NBA history

    • Dreiii

      Nah... its either Ben Wallace or Dennis Rodman

    • Eric Ontiveros
      Eric Ontiveros

      what about James Harden?????????

    • LEGO Captain Rex
      LEGO Captain Rex

      That’s a joke right?

    • Ram Dalupan
      Ram Dalupan


    • Darko Arkan
      Darko Arkan

      Hahahah in history???

  • Derek Schultz
    Derek Schultz

    Well deserved!!!

  • Ethan B
    Ethan B

    This is insane, like if you think so.

    • JJ Walker
      JJ Walker

      It's insane how LeBron didn't win

  • Ali Alami
    Ali Alami


  • SneakerHead 23
    SneakerHead 23

    Ben simmons lowkey deserved it

    • Dev


  • Huddy 23
    Huddy 23


  • SweatOn

    Lol im first

Il prossimo