Rudy Gobert Wins
Rudy Gobert becomes the fourth player to win the award at least three times, joining Dikembe Mutombo (four), Ben Wallace (four) and Dwight Howard (three).

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  • Johnny Rivas
    Johnny Rivas

    Steph curry made him spin in a circle.

  • Shawn Emeryl Alfaro Suyo
    Shawn Emeryl Alfaro Suyo

    ever imagine playing at your home attempting to dunk but all of a sudden rudy gobert flew from utah to your home then blocks your shot?

  • Giancarlo Gonzales Del Valle
    Giancarlo Gonzales Del Valle

    Sith Spider-Man Center RafiNYK7 Guitar 🎸 Defense HIV (-) Negative

  • Simon Strueux
    Simon Strueux

    One of the best defender of all time. Maybe, in 5 years, when will said he is the GOAT of defense. Just need to win the play off with a defensive team and he will join guys like Ben Wallace in that achievment

  • sAbRiNa MaRiE aReNaS ArGuSoN
    sAbRiNa MaRiE aReNaS ArGuSoN

    Rudy "The Iron Dome" Gobert

  • Evan Willis
    Evan Willis

    Ben Simmons deserve to be defensive player of the year

  • liam roseborough
    liam roseborough

    🤡 🤡 🤡

  • Adhy Nugroho
    Adhy Nugroho

    This video is also a compilation of: "I don't blame him for trying.", "You gotta try." "Blocked by Gobert." "Nope."

  • Chuccy Brown
    Chuccy Brown

    Who do he shutdown😩🤔🤣 ben can stop 1-5 all he do is block shots PERIOD

  • Préscillia Homand - Troudart
    Préscillia Homand - Troudart


  • Macky

    Magnifique Rudy.

  • G Flash
    G Flash

    Gobert gets a 12 minute video, while Jokic only gets a 2 minute mixtape for being the MVP lol

    • SXUTH

      If Ben Simmons/Draymond won DPOY their views would be half a million by now and if the MVP was Cp3/Curry/Embiid/Giannis the highlight video would have anywhere from half a mil to two or tens of millions of views. Casuals don't know basketball

    • SXUTH

      I mean look at the views on both videos, it's apparent that the casual fans ain't liking either pick

  • Italian brasi
    Italian brasi

    Im a jazz fan but i feel like ja will get his poster in the next 3 years🤣

    • Italian brasi
      Italian brasi

      @SXUTH freal 🤣

    • SXUTH


  • Vladimir sama
    Vladimir sama

    If you go w/ his range probably there a contact! But most of these hightlights he has a good relex's block in the air & of course timing

  • Vladimir sama
    Vladimir sama

    Now we see how he get that award!

  • Vladimir sama
    Vladimir sama

    Gobert has a good timing! no body contact at al..

  • Shay Evans
    Shay Evans


  • Shay Evans
    Shay Evans

    Wasn’t he the players that got his team sick with covid ?

  • Justin Elhady
    Justin Elhady

    Draymond or Simmons should be DPOY, the amount of times he gets cooked up is insane and he is just blocks which u think he averages like 3 at least blocks a game but has only on average 1.8 more blocks than Draymond per game.

    • SXUTH

      Give up basketball man it's not your sport

  • Basil Carpenter jr
    Basil Carpenter jr

    So glad he won dpoy well deserved I was worried they give it to Ben Simmons glad they got ut right

  • Big Tee
    Big Tee

    Lugentez Dorts defense is so underated

  • Tim Atkinson
    Tim Atkinson

    Good game Donovan stepping up!!!!

  • Ace Shabazz
    Ace Shabazz

    This is bullshit Simmons was robbed

  • Hippolyte Lhussier
    Hippolyte Lhussier

    C’est bon ça !!! Félicitation Rudy !!! Il manque plus que la victoire du championnat de NBA

  • Rocky Sullivan
    Rocky Sullivan

    No doubt. Deserved! What a great player!!!

  • Lamir Peton
    Lamir Peton

    Lock Down......LamirPeton Tournament & Camp Goals

  • Manu LP
    Manu LP

    100 times deserved. What a player

  • MitchB13

    He is not just "tall" ..his timing to start the block is crazy. Rudy "not in my house" Gobert

  • Dark Knight
    Dark Knight

    I've seen a guy record 376 blocks in one season and not get DPOY but this guy has 3?!

    • SXUTH

      @Dark Knight what you aren't getting is that defense was never just measured in blocks and steals anyways and Gobert could guard damn near anyone in the league this year so that's the definition of a DPOY. If voting for DPOYs was based on comparing their stats to the past, no one would win anything

    • Dark Knight
      Dark Knight

      @Choi Jihyeog the guy I'm talking about was blocking dunks and 3p buzzer beaters from Jordan. That's more impressive than saying Gobert blocked 286 less shots cuz they were scared of him lol

    • Choi Jihyeog
      Choi Jihyeog

      You can block more when people try it cause they think they can pass you. But if you are really good, players don't try on you... Like simmons don't try against Rudy, he's afraid :')

  • StatsAintFax

    Remember the good old days of 4.7bpg and 1.9spg wasn't good enough to get you DPOY! Now 40 steals and 190 blocks gets it for you no problem SMH

    • SXUTH

      Cry somewhere else "statsaintfax"

  • Brian Richard
    Brian Richard

    Is it true he as only 2 all star games selections? And yet 3 DPOY?

    • Dan Calderon
      Dan Calderon

      Accurate. All-Star is hard for him because his team isn't for casuals, and most people look at just points per game with lack of understanding on his impact on the floor.

  • kyle anderson
    kyle anderson

    In a game that is mostly played on the perimeter a center wins DPOY. Instead of Ben Simmons who actually guards the best players on the other team.

    • SXUTH

      😂😂😂this should be considered a spam comment

    • Lucas Fontes
      Lucas Fontes

      "Mostly played on the perimeter" lmao you dumb dumb

  • Vincent C
    Vincent C

    In a world of flying centers, running everywhere on court and scoring 3pt shots like point guards, the "old school" way of playing basket from Rudy (priority to defense, blocks and dunks) won some credit year after year.

  • Xhoni Shollaj
    Xhoni Shollaj

    Completely deserved

  • Rudy Gobert
    Rudy Gobert

    What can I say

    • SXUTH


  • ZSgamer(Minecraft)

    he 100% deserved it if you disagree your a casual

  • L W
    L W

    "BeN sCoReD 42 oN HiS fAcEd" Gobert wasn't even guarding him on that game, and when he did he went 1/7, talking about fact, smh.

  • jus

    who tf cares

    • jus

      @SXUTH I don’t give a damn about Rudy bumbert

    • SXUTH

      You do if you here contributing negativity and dislikes

  • never Tv
    never Tv

    Congrats Rudy Gobert for winning the 2021 Kia DPOY. 🏀👍😷

  • KOD1AK

    Gee whiz he blocks a shot every game and he gets dpoy? Simmons got robbed

    • SXUTH


  • Pau Hub
    Pau Hub

    He very very looks and similar to Liam Mcmarrow Reinforcement Player of Red Bull Barako Team in the Philippines Basketball

  • FunOnee 2
    FunOnee 2

    BEN SIMMONS SHOULD HAVE WON he can guard 1-5, clamps everyone down, ben scored 42 points against gobert all in the paint lol

    • SXUTH

      @Orgasmic Orange I agree with you, I was just asking to making sure. Going 1-7 and 3-9 against someone isn't scoring effortlessly the way they describe it 😂

    • Orgasmic Orange
      Orgasmic Orange

      @SXUTH His 42 point game against the Jazz. I heard it was 1-7, but even if it was 3-9 it still doesn't justify that guy's statement.

    • SXUTH

      @Orgasmic Orange I heard it was 3/9 which game you referring to?

    • Orgasmic Orange
      Orgasmic Orange

      He was 1-7 when he was guarded by gobert that game. Royce was guarding him the rest of the match. Your point is not valid.

  • Trevor123322

    Man they need a highlight reel of the amount of players that drive into the paint see Gobert and literally turn around, haha. Gets me every time!

  • YoshiDudeTyGaming 230
    YoshiDudeTyGaming 230


  • Marcel Mendez
    Marcel Mendez

    Rudy Gobert will win more than anyone else, though, by the end of his career year.

  • Bob Best
    Bob Best

    only complaint--golbert swats the ball out of bounds too often.. bill russell would just tap the ball to a teammate to ignite a fast break.

  • Sheila May Sabas
    Sheila May Sabas

    Deserving 😊😊😊😊

  • Alexis Salva
    Alexis Salva

    2018 - 2019 2019 - 2020 2020 - 2021 Deffensive Player of the year 😱

    • Withered Bonnie
      Withered Bonnie

      He wasn’t defensive player of the year for 2020 nba season It was giannis

  • Sakristan

    You gotta admit, Rudy is one of the pillar that make the Jazz the great team they are

  • Bam OuttaDaBayou
    Bam OuttaDaBayou

    They edited the dislikes smh. I hate censorship

    • SXUTH

      if jackasses feel so much hate for someone they've never met that they have to create fake accounts and bots to dislike a video, you lost it and need a mental checkup

  • Chris Paul George Mikan
    Chris Paul George Mikan


  • Fe Olit
    Fe Olit


  • Rico

    rudy star gowbert

  • DFox 24
    DFox 24

    ben not winning is a joke. gobert can stand in the middle and block shots. congrats. Ben guards every player on the court. Speaking of bens team. Remember when gobert played joel embiid? yeah. congrats.

  • Raulinhooo7

    now u all shut up with your "he can't defend the perimeter blabla"... just watch more Jazz games, you will understand.

    • SXUTH

      They saying it in the comments right now😂 just shows they didn't even watch the video let alone any Jazz game

  • Drift Wood
    Drift Wood

    I'll miss "2Time" but "3Time" has a better ring to it

  • safe toy
    safe toy

    LeBron can't be stopped the GOAT is going to be finals MVP 2021 ! LeBron getting his team new rings soon, fans very lucky to see the Greatest in all NBA history LeBron the King and Finals MVP for 2021 ! LeBron needs to sale the flops better, few more Referee calls would have sealed the playoffs for Lakers. NBA needs a full Recount for Laker games, plus the fouls refs missed, so Lakers can be the Champs 2021 !

  • MetalManiac Korea
    MetalManiac Korea

    deserved supermax contract

  • JayHerboGaming

    Ben Simmons put up a hell of a fight

  • VinnyDaBoss

    Should've gone to Simmons, but Gobert also had a great season

    • SXUTH

      No sixers fans

    • Choi Jihyeog
      Choi Jihyeog

      simons only have a big mouth

  • Fahad A
    Fahad A

    He’s the best defender in the league but seriously lots of these are goaltending

    • SXUTH

      Nah just looks that way cause of his reach and wingspan😂

  • Spider Man
    Spider Man

    Ben Simmons should have won

  • desset julien
    desset julien

    Congrats Rudy, you deserve it !!! 🇫🇷☝💯

  • Otterley

    It's so funny to see sixers fans cry like little babies.

    • SXUTH

      @VinnyDaBoss it's crazy that the 76ers ain't making it out the east and you talking shit

    • SXUTH

      I know right

    • VinnyDaBoss

      It's gonna be so funny to see Jazz fans cry like little babies when they get eliminated

  • Otterley

    Congrats Rudy it's more than deserved.

  • Strokeball Bobbybuckets
    Strokeball Bobbybuckets

    Ben snubbed -Neji

  • mago97615


    • SXUTH

      Sixers fans

    • Withered Bonnie
      Withered Bonnie

      Sixers fans

  • Valentin komar
    Valentin komar

    Well deserved Rudy 🔒🔒🔒

  • john Cena
    john Cena

    Hes gonna get poster by Kawhi watch it 💪

    • SXUTH

      Kawhi bored and leaving LA soon with a new contract

  • patricia jordan
    patricia jordan

    @jeff tanof yes the african american hollywood celebrities do lighten their skin color. Several articles mentioned they use a orange peeling lightening lotion from japan which easily turns their dark skin light.This is not really surprising these days it seems everybody changes their appearance,they should be honest about it though.

  • Morgan Spirli
    Morgan Spirli

    Europeans : Best Players in NBA ✨

  • 803大好き〔ハッサン〕


  • Marc Romaní
    Marc Romaní

    isn't putting your arm on the opponent stomach a foul? everytime he blocks a shot, he does it

    • SXUTH

      No, basketball is a physical sport

  • Duffman

    I'm glad he won it for the 3rd time, maybe that'll remind teams that you can still have a traditional big man defend the paint and offensively he plays the pick and roll very well so he doesn't need to be a perimeter threat, it's hard to defend when a 7'1 258 lbs center is running to the rim.

    • Duffman

      @SXUTH When I watch Rudy play he reminds me of Dikembe Mutumbo, He was a lanky 7'2 245 Center that was doing the same thing in the 90s with a defensive range all the way out to the perimeter and was quick enough to get back into the paint utilizing his speed and wingspan for blocking shots and nearly averaged 3 blocks per game in his career. Highly regarded as the best blocker in NBA history :) I don't think it's a matter of stretching the bigs, it's more that today's bigs lack endurance and conditioning to play end to end basketball. This season only 7 Centers played past 30 minutes. Something is wrong with their training and unfortunately the "perimeter" mentality is messing up their designed role of protecting the middle. Which Lakers exploited last year. going inside with AD quite often (he shot above .800+ inside)

    • SXUTH

      I mean Rudy is too unique for today, he's almost unmovable in the paint and very hard to shake on the perimeter and has footwork out of this world on defense. Still doesn't mean you can survive without stretching bigs today, just shows how great Rudy is as a player in this era

  • Ģhostrider Blaze
    Ģhostrider Blaze

    Rudy gonna get a new movie , Rudy Gobert

  • Ģhostrider Blaze
    Ģhostrider Blaze

    Stifle Tower . Again

    • SXUTH

      Always and forever the Stifle Tower

  • Flashy Merty
    Flashy Merty

    I respect Rudy but I thought Ben Simmons deserve to win it this year

    • mago97615

      no way

  • FUNenglishWORLD


  • BARUtubbig

    Do kinda wish there were more defensive highlights then just blocks here

    • Green Orange
      Green Orange

      @Renee Reis I’m not a jazz fan but Rudy impact is much bigger than you think and simmions is a good defender also but look up advanced stats on both of them and you tell me what you see

    • Renee Reis
      Renee Reis

      Cuz that’s all he does bro it’s all just jazz fans or bandwagon jazz fans in here

  • BigTangTheory

    Should have been unanimous.

  • Bart J
    Bart J

    Fortnite cards? Who wants it?

  • Simeon RF
    Simeon RF

    Anyone they says Ben Simmons got robbed is a casual

  • Tbag Specialist
    Tbag Specialist

    Crazy how Gobert has 3 dpoys in the last 4 seasons

    • SXUTH

      All time defensive player

    • alvininthechipmonks

      You know what else is crazy? How he hasn't been deported yet, fuck rudy Gobert

    • xastric

      Man's cemented himself in the history books, all that's left is longevity


    20-21 NBA 1st Team 1. Curry 2. Westbrook 3. Randle 4. Jokic 5. Gobert



    • VinnyDaBoss

      it's gonna be PG: Curry SG: Luka SF: Durant PF: Jokic C: Embiid

    • VinnyDaBoss


    • mago97615


  • First Last
    First Last

    cant even guard embiid and jokic, but i guess those 2 being top 2 candidate for mvp and jokic ultimately winning it, i guess he gets a pass..

  • j and v
    j and v

    3x is sweeter than 2x


    Defense of the rim and a reliable attack. Simple like Jazz.

  • Loris Cochet
    Loris Cochet

    Where is the block on jo morant?!!!!!


    Simmons dislike...

  • Lazzzed

    Man his recovery is just insane

  • Anish Arora
    Anish Arora


  • Jonathan Kim
    Jonathan Kim

    Luka - harden - durant - rudy - Jokic CP3 , leonard , AD , Giannis

  • kip hodson
    kip hodson

    I am the Gobert of my school I even stuffed a teacher

  • Hka Vanchhawng
    Hka Vanchhawng

    Simmons is the real DPOY, there is too much defensive plays that sats can't show. Fr

    • SXUTH

      😂😂😂😂😂😂 spam bots from Philly putting in work today

  • 34EPP53

    Only deserves this one that’s it

  • ibraahxxm!

    Ben Simmons was robbed.

  • Basketball Kid45
    Basketball Kid45

    Gobert at 3:01 “hell yeah get that s**t out”

  • David Anyasike
    David Anyasike

    Non-Americans have took over the nba👏

  • Benx Studio
    Benx Studio

    Good video..good sport game blok succes

  • PeterJo Gaerlan
    PeterJo Gaerlan

    Rudy Gobert lang ang malakas💪💪💪💪👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

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