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  • WPG L.
    WPG L.

    bruh that mf AI went from playing in china to mvp/roty/dpoy and averaging a triple double in one season

  • O G
    O G

    Benefits from playing in this era

  • Juan Juarez
    Juan Juarez

    He’s not just an mvp. He’s arguably a top 5 scorer and passer. He can score in a variety of ways. He’s definitely a top 3 passer. Well done jokic, very well deserved

  • Danny Gamer
    Danny Gamer

    The amount of times he looked down amuses me

  • rari ‘
    rari ‘

    bros went from the bottom to the top real quick

  • Trung Trần Hiếu
    Trung Trần Hiếu

    The video we always needed instead of the taco bell commercial

  • safe toy
    safe toy

    LeBron can't be stopped the GOAT is going to be finals MVP 2021 ! LeBron getting his team new rings soon, fans very lucky to see the Greatest in all NBA history LeBron the King and Finals MVP for 2021 ! LeBron needs to sale the flops better, few more Referee calls would have sealed the playoffs for Lakers. NBA needs a full Recount for Laker games, plus the fouls refs missed, so Lakers can be the Champs 2021 !

  • Jakub Bielak
    Jakub Bielak

    Thanks to polish scout Rafał Juć for great scouting. Dzięki, panie Rafale.

  • Ethn

    embiid would of won if not for the injury

  • JamFan2

    This whole time I thought Jokic was drafted in 2015 when it was 2014

  • Andrew Worsham
    Andrew Worsham


  • KaleLikesWaffles


  • Jaylen Brown ✔️
    Jaylen Brown ✔️

    Hey I think that guys gonna win mvp

    • Vill 85
      Vill 85

      Brown, you so smart

  • Pinas Gameplay
    Pinas Gameplay


  • Axtro305

    Curry should had won nikola is so slow

  • Nick Kwon
    Nick Kwon

    Why am I suddenly hungry?

  • Mr.Highlights

    And He Didn"t Know He Get drafted By The Nuggets Because Usa And Serbia Have Different Timezone He's Still Asleep That Day And Now HE IS A MVP

  • Sonmi 872
    Sonmi 872

    wonder how much is the NFT now

  • Trevin Morin
    Trevin Morin

    The only footage of the of him getting drafted🤩

  • Deondre Clark
    Deondre Clark

    And the crowd went "who?"

  • Ajwa Aldawsari
    Ajwa Aldawsari

    Congratulations to him!

    • John Elway
      John Elway

      Thanks Miranda cosgrove

    • SunKing

  • Jonathan So
    Jonathan So

    they should have just showed the tacos

    • SunKing

  • The Fun -_-guy
    The Fun -_-guy


  • Vinson Yuen
    Vinson Yuen

    Needcola Jokic

  • Işıldayan gözler Ömer Öğretmen
    Işıldayan gözler Ömer Öğretmen


    • SunKing

  • HungryHippowdon7

    I knew they had this footage somewhere!!

    • SunKing

  • Purva Lama
    Purva Lama


    • SunKing

  • Joel Embiid Owns Jokic
    Joel Embiid Owns Jokic

    First mvp to lose in the 2nd round

    • Dreamer J
      Dreamer J

      There are mvp's who even lose in the first round. Embiid is made of glass. He will never win a season mvp in his career lol

    • John Elway
      John Elway

      What a sad little dum fuq u must be

    • SunKing

    • John Arg
      John Arg


  • Detroit Pistons HWC
    Detroit Pistons HWC

    Hard work pays off

    • SunKing

    • In Your Head Rent Free
      In Your Head Rent Free

      give me contract extension

  • Ben Womack
    Ben Womack

    Charles Barkley impersonator: “Jimmy Joe Joker Jokic

    • SunKing

  • Cursed Kleenex
    Cursed Kleenex

    Which proves that NBA scouts know shit about basketball, lol

  • Stephan Alexander
    Stephan Alexander

    Nikola inspired me now if I don't get drafted in 2022 imma try to be the first undrafted mvp

    • SunKing

  • Yogi OneKenobi
    Yogi OneKenobi

    That's dope.

    • SunKing

  • Chris Muecke
    Chris Muecke

    Curry got robbed

    • Shod Mercury
      Shod Mercury

      No he didnt....

  • Memester sports
    Memester sports


  • Alan Corp
    Alan Corp

    Imagine being an NBA player who used to drink a bunch of coke, got drafted by a team called the nuggets, and have a Taco Bell commercial put over your draft and then going on to win MVP

    • Junaid Adil
      Junaid Adil

      At least he wasn’t snorting the coke

    • michael chheng
      michael chheng

      Who else thought this man’s pic was a piece of hair on their phone. 🤦🏽‍♂️😂

    • Rowdy Wolfy
      Rowdy Wolfy

      Jokic is the king of Chicken Nuggets with coca-cola

    • Bella The kitten
      Bella The kitten

      @John Elway it makes you think about food and dude is fat and his team is named the Nuggets 😂😂😂

    • John Elway
      John Elway

      What’s wrong with the nuggets name?

  • Eghix

    Now i get the name for Sombore Shuffle! :O

  • BJ 💯
    BJ 💯

    Curry should've won it

    • VC43


    • Shod Mercury
      Shod Mercury

      Dont start this.........

  • Hubert Semeniano
    Hubert Semeniano

    Mark Tatum said his name right lol everyone calls him Nikowla today

  • Elegant

    Never seen the video I been looking for it

  • Alan Corp
    Alan Corp

    If Tacko Fall was drafted on draft night, they would’ve had a Taco Bell commercial over it too

  • doofenshmirtz

    Thank you nba

  • VIP-ツ

    Bro was asleep when he got drafted

  • O Boz
    O Boz

    this is an amazing story but its still hurts that nba players didnt even celebrate him. if embiid would have won this award, we would seen lots of stories and tweets etc. but now they are just ignoring

  • Emir Kırıktaş
    Emir Kırıktaş

    He did it !

  • Paul Jansen
    Paul Jansen

    Jokic is deserving of being the MVP....just because of being the most consistent elite player!!

  • mogurumoguru

    thanks for the none taco version :)

  • YaBoiNBAFan4Life 🇨🇦🦖
    YaBoiNBAFan4Life 🇨🇦🦖

    the legend of jokic was born.................

  • Valentime18

    And my Taco Bell commercial??

  • Tech

    Shame on them for playing a Taco Bell commercial during this iconic moment.

    • Dutuletz jr.
      Dutuletz jr.

      This is very tragic for them

    • Harman Baddesha
      Harman Baddesha

      @Jade Haughton yh

    • Jade Haughton
      Jade Haughton

    • Jade Haughton
      Jade Haughton

      @Harman Baddesha that's some real friends

    • Harman Baddesha
      Harman Baddesha

      @Amardip Singh yh lol the man just slept and then woke up and when his agent told him he got drafted by nuggets he was like ok cool and the reason he said he doesn't miss games is bc of his friends at serbia who stay up late to watch him he doesn't want to disappointn them

  • BobbyBillyBill

    Show the Taco Bell ad while he was being picked…

  • SuperNASCARrocks

    Incredible. Great job Jokic.

  • Yuriel Cundangan
    Yuriel Cundangan

    Big Perk: King's on verge of #6 Max: Fate of the Universe?!

  • Yuriel Cundangan
    Yuriel Cundangan

    Popular Opinion: Every single one of ya'll agrees that Joker made our day a notch better

    • VistaFan6002

      @Mot Koaiu stfu

    • Mot Koaiu
      Mot Koaiu

    • VistaFan6002

      @Like gamez Jokic> Curry all time

    • Biggie Cheese
      Biggie Cheese

      @Like gamez stfu

    • Biggie Cheese
      Biggie Cheese

      @CripticK1ng stfu

  • DrRJack

    2k didn’t even give the man a face scan for a while

    • M3g4bl4z3

      @RCT And I'm sure we want to forget that horrible face No offense to jokic

    • Mot Koaiu
      Mot Koaiu

    • Take Flight
      Take Flight

      lol ikr

    • Kyrie Irving ✔️
      Kyrie Irving ✔️

      He still look like garbage too

    • DaRealOG_ _Avnger
      DaRealOG_ _Avnger

      Clique vid

  • -AB1-

    What jokic is doing is crazy EVERYONE RESPECT!!!!! THIS GUY IMPROVED AND IS A LEADER AND WINNER!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jade Haughton
      Jade Haughton

      @Adam Wazwaz amazing

    • Mot Koaiu
      Mot Koaiu

    • Adam Wazwaz
      Adam Wazwaz

      @Jade Haughton he is just great even with Murray gone he does everything in his power you see against the blazers 5/6 games were 30+ points

    • Jade Haughton
      Jade Haughton

    • Jade Haughton
      Jade Haughton

      ​@Adam Wazwaz I love how he plays at his own pace

  • Buddy Eddyy
    Buddy Eddyy

    Neekola joekich

  • Officer Tenpenny
    Officer Tenpenny

    Went from drinking cokes to being able to buy Coca Cola

    • Sharp

      @velipulla weird

    • velipulla

      @Cryo Sphere why you hate your race?

    • Mot Koaiu
      Mot Koaiu

    • Cryo Sphere
      Cryo Sphere

      @velipulla how tf is it racist to say he didn’t deserve MVP? what if they just feel like he didn’t deserve it? Steve Nash didn’t deserve his MVP over Kobe, I’m white try calling me racist for that.

    • SunKing

  • Nai-Yahrell Leeuwin
    Nai-Yahrell Leeuwin


  • Devon Talley-Isom
    Devon Talley-Isom

    Wooooow thats not a quesarito

  • DᴇGᴏᴀᴛ DᴇRᴏᴢᴀɴ ➐
    DᴇGᴏᴀᴛ DᴇRᴏᴢᴀɴ ➐

    Well deserved 🔥🔥

    • Stephan Alexander
      Stephan Alexander

      U stay on yt

  • Hasi¿


  • SS

    A success story if i ever seen one

  • Chris Paul
    Chris Paul

    First view and comment please like this comment

    • Webster

      shut up nobody cares

  • magic 1
    magic 1

    Legend even at a Taco Bell commercial

  • RapidTulip647


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