Trae hits the Pregame Trick Shot! |

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  • Colton Ray
    Colton Ray

    Aye I respect Trae Young and I can tell that he looks up to Stephen Curry

  • Los Angeles lakers
    Los Angeles lakers

    Ice traeeeee🥶❄

  • Nas

    oh did u start recording already aight 👀

  • JossehRivera

    Trae'na be Curry, but I see a huge future for Trae

  • Brad

    Seen better

  • Grip Johnson
    Grip Johnson

    And got our boots smoked

  • Mike plays madden
    Mike plays madden

    Isnt a "TRICKSHOT" tricky and new and special Curry does this regularly its not tricky no magic illegal substances or talent behind it he just practices it alot if I practiced that over and over and over again ofcourse I would be a great shooter

    • blynqss


    • Mike plays madden
      Mike plays madden

      @Spencer M you looking in the mirror like:

    • Spencer M
      Spencer M


    • Lordbeerus123


  • Mike plays madden
    Mike plays madden

    He did the make sure your recording this one face

  • Mike plays madden
    Mike plays madden

    Too bad he couldn't do that in game 🤭

    • blynqss

      Go watch football lmao FOOTBALL

    • Mot Doai
      Mot Doai

    • Steve James
      Steve James

      @jameskobe Gonzalez ratio

    • jameskobe Gonzalez
      jameskobe Gonzalez

      @Steve James ur mama is stupid, stupid ass!

    • Steve James
      Steve James

      It would be out of bounds stupid

  • Anonymous

    Walmart curry

  • Delusional Thomas
    Delusional Thomas

    Bro just threw a chest pass, no form needed.

    • Delusional Thomas
      Delusional Thomas

      @That One FBI Agent With Internet Access the “trick shot” got me. I had too

    • That One FBI Agent With Internet Access
      That One FBI Agent With Internet Access

      Why are there always people like you hating on every single post just admire the shot and go about your day 😂

  • MaddRezz

    It’s a wrap

  • Last First
    Last First

    *Nothing like stephen curry plus he looks at the camera he obviously aware.*

  • SuperNASCARrocks

    Channeling his inner Steph Curry.

  • Edwin Valenzuela
    Edwin Valenzuela

    Thumbnail do be having a seizure


    👀 “Are You Recording This Time?” lol

    • Mot Doai
      Mot Doai

    • Besnik Rizvanaj
      Besnik Rizvanaj

      Trae is a Clown acting like h'es a Goat

  • ok

    lmao thats nothing, did you see Lukas trick shots?

  • Rachelle Luis
    Rachelle Luis

    nothin special here

  • Daily NBA
    Daily NBA

    Trae young did not make the all star team this year, and did not get any respect, but he carried his team to the playoffs and keeps grinding! That’s a true star

    • Mot Doai
      Mot Doai

    • Michael.D

      @Daily NBA Doncic carried his team but not Tray

    • Michael.D

      @iamRJ All-star reserve at best

    • iamRJ

      hes gonna be a all star next year

    • Daily NBA
      Daily NBA

      @Northwest Thrills fax

  • LaDonna White
    LaDonna White

    from sitting down that’s amazing 🥶🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶

  • DSBeastPlayz

    Dats my guy

    • Clean Car
      Clean Car


  • warm


  • Aubrey Talamayan
    Aubrey Talamayan

    Steph did that for almost hundred times, nothing new on this players lmao

    • J Pee
      J Pee

      @Varun Sabarish your the one crying

    • Varun Sabarish
      Varun Sabarish

      @J Pee keep crying kid

    • WishMan

      @J Pee uh oh..... looks like someone is mad that I proved them wrong 🤭

    • J Pee
      J Pee

      @WishMan say it without crying

    • J Pee
      J Pee

      @Mike plays madden Someone is trigger replying like 10 times get a life

  • Jesse Mendez
    Jesse Mendez

    Seem trae is talent player

  • MidWestDrew

    I could do better

  • Chauncey123 Mcallister
    Chauncey123 Mcallister

    Still getting blown out LMAOOOO

    • Stanley Chen
      Stanley Chen

      @Maaz Qasim idk man the hawks lost

    • Lucas Kelly
      Lucas Kelly

      yea then they cut it to 3 lmao

    • SyMoN YT
      SyMoN YT

      39-35 in the 2nd Philly leads, dk about blow out yet

    • Akshay Prince
      Akshay Prince

      joel embiid is made of glass and ben simmons is a fucking clown that will never win a title. go cry.

    • J Pee
      J Pee

      Hawks are catching up 🤣 Y'all are talking but blew a whole lead to a weak G league team

  • Keyonna Byrd
    Keyonna Byrd

    Your the best player trae and more basketball player

  • Lincoln Thai
    Lincoln Thai

    Jokic doesn't deserves mvp

    • Andrija Milenovic
      Andrija Milenovic

      @Agent Sochi gotchu fam

    • LeGM

      I'm MVP this was rigged

    • Paul Gandia
      Paul Gandia

      jokic is the mvp

    • Keyonna Byrd
      Keyonna Byrd

      Yes he does MVP Jokic for all of his hard work

    • Agent Sochi
      Agent Sochi

      @Andrija Milenovic share some with me lmfao

  • LeBr0nGaMeZ

    Trae is a nice, young, talented player.

    • Bihan J
      Bihan J

      @Woozlewuzzleable pause

    • Beef Boss
      Beef Boss

      Finally someone not trolling

    • LeGM

      Hes my 2nd favorite player I love his attacking mindset if they crowd boo he play even better

    • Woozlewuzzleable

      He's got attitude but I like it, he's feisty.

  • Keyonna Byrd
    Keyonna Byrd

    Nice shot trae

  • Keyonna Byrd
    Keyonna Byrd

    Nice shot

  • Agent Sochi
    Agent Sochi


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