VERY Hype Joel Embiid as the Sixers are ROLLING ♨ |

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  • Rolando Alfonso
    Rolando Alfonso

    My boy scream so loud the speaker cant keep up 🐐 😂

  • Johncristian Lucas
    Johncristian Lucas


  • Juan Juarez
    Juan Juarez

    That’s why you gotta trust the process.

  • SCHannon Hannon
    SCHannon Hannon


  • Megan Gaydon
    Megan Gaydon

    Is happy

  • OmarDa Goon
    OmarDa Goon

    That’s his African Mandingo warrior war cry

  • Twizz The Whiz Kid
    Twizz The Whiz Kid

    Man, that was such a genuine reaction.

  • Renz Jefferson Sabino
    Renz Jefferson Sabino


  • Krass Krass
    Krass Krass

    So Insperetional! XD

  • ri sakamoto
    ri sakamoto

    He's happy as he won the finals. But it's just making 1:1 with the 5th team in the conference in quarterfinals at his home court. Will see what will happen in Atlanta.

  • Yashassu

    Dude seriously looked like my dog when I used come home after long day ,that turn around wiggle full of excitement ..😭

  • Glenn Greenstein
    Glenn Greenstein

    Love Joel embeed... he's got what It takes...

  • Jay Fxndi
    Jay Fxndi

    He wants that ring

  • Boost Mobile
    Boost Mobile

    Y'all been kicking this man when he was down y'all done poke the bear 🐻🐻🐻

  • Rhandail Dave Francisco
    Rhandail Dave Francisco

    Joel "Soft mf crying flopper" Embiid

  • Jemimah Walker
    Jemimah Walker


  • shegotnonipple

    African Warlord

  • Mike plays madden
    Mike plays madden

    76ers in 6 or 5 but 76ers winning that's all I know

    • ✔

      Man I wish that god of basketball give the ring to philly

  • its munkay
    its munkay

    420 views lol

    • oliver green
      oliver green

      you know what that means

  • Mike plays madden
    Mike plays madden

    We couldve won by 30 if Joel didnt throw up prayers at the end of the game but he deserved to shoot them but we won a dub is a dub were gonna go to Atlanta and win and lose the next game and come back to philly the rest of the time and it's a throwup but I have 76ers in 6

    • blynqss

      I’d say either one in 7

  • Mike plays madden
    Mike plays madden


  • Jaime Esparza
    Jaime Esparza

    Look at Embid man so inspirational

  • Emmanuel Mbah
    Emmanuel Mbah

    The whole 76ers team played well. This was what they needed.

    • joceja23

      @Orcaman17 everyone accept for Ben Simmons jk haha!!

    • Taylor Allen
      Taylor Allen

      Danny green looks like shit. Ben Simmons at least plays defense, but he's just doesn't do that much for you offensively. Had some nice passes, but I rather see him drive more and get the easy 2 points.

    • Orcaman17

      @Lou The Legend!! everyone accept for Ben Simmons jk haha!!

    • Lou The Legend!!
      Lou The Legend!!

      everyone accept for Ben Simmons jk haha!!

  • Stephen Curry
    Stephen Curry

    *Embiid:* So you think he's the MVP? Okay, fine. I'm not saying he wasn't deserving of it. But it lit a fire in me.

    • Jade Haughton
      Jade Haughton

    • Jade Haughton
      Jade Haughton

      Embiid is grilled cheese, Jokic is the real Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich 🏆

    • Cat Facts
      Cat Facts

      U got that okay imma get this

    • Svinja Debela
      Svinja Debela

      you can have it next year. you're both great, too.

  • DᴇGᴏᴀᴛ DᴇRᴏᴢᴀɴ ➐
    DᴇGᴏᴀᴛ DᴇRᴏᴢᴀɴ ➐

    Joel Embiid: 40pts, 13reb. 2ast, 2stl 52%Fg 13-25

    • Thurl Sixers Fan
      Thurl Sixers Fan

      The real mvp

    • Jade Haughton
      Jade Haughton

    • Jade Haughton
      Jade Haughton

      Ben Simmons 2/3 field goals 0/2 free throws 🏆

    • Mike plays madden
      Mike plays madden

      But he deserved to shoot those other shots because we were up 20 for the most of the 4th quarter

    • Mike plays madden
      Mike plays madden

      It looks bad but if you watched the game you'll see he has only shooting bad at the end I think he was just trying to score 40 and stay there or that's just me

  • Obvious Troll That Baited You
    Obvious Troll That Baited You

    Hawks in 5 still

    • GeloTKO


    • Mike plays madden
      Mike plays madden

      No lol

    • Mike plays madden
      Mike plays madden

      Weed? Cigars? Batsacue? Beer? Vape? Illegal substances I dont know of ?👀 because your on something cough it up

    • David Kumar
      David Kumar

      No you idiot

    • Obiwon31kenobi 1234
      Obiwon31kenobi 1234

      Sixers in 5

Il prossimo